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Many people already said, that the conference was great. Many thanks to organisers and sponsors ! I want to thank russian company 1C for support of my trip. I and Alexander Korotkov started our work on "Full-text search in PostgreSQL in milliseconds" after Pgcon conference in Ottawa, then I was a month in Karakorum nountains and it was too late to submit talk and get support, so I was looking for sponsorhip. I asked 1C company, which I and Teodor Sigaev know very well, and fortunately I got support. That was the first time I was supported by russian company !

Several important things about the conference I have in mind:

1. Index-only count - GiST and GIN currently doesn't support index-only scan, but could support index-only count, which is very useful. I talked with Dimitry Fontaine and it seems to convince him to work on this with Cédric Villemain for 9.3

2. Index-only scan for GiST, GIN. Currently, only btree indexes supports index-only scan, but some opclasses of GiST and GIN (btree_gist, btree_gin, points, range type,,,) could also support it ! So, we need more flexible infrastructure in pg_am. I talked with Jeff Davis and he is very interested in this, hope he can do something for 9.3.

3. I asked EntrepriseDB for support of our FTS, still no answer yet. It's vital for getting new improved FTS ready for 9.3. EDB supported me and Teodor in 2006 and it was great, since that we have FTS in PostgreSQL core, hope it will be able to do something for us this time.

4. Unfortunately, Peter got cold last dat and we didn't discussed our work on json, that's pity. The big problem with types in json is how to modify typmod to support types in json ! Our initial plan was to improve hstore to support hstore itself and arrays and then use this binary representation implement json. Now, we have more bigger problem, we need storage for json scheme and postgresql currently has no infrastructure for this. It's a separate big project and we'll think about it. Thanks Heroku for boat !

Just two pictures from Prague, I have much more on flickr, visit PGconf set, I'll publish more pictures there, I have hundreds of them !

PostgreSQL people in Hradčany, Prague

I have strong hands, so I was able to made this picture from the boat at low light ! Notice, blue seagull !

Blue seagulls, Prague
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